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2023 3.0 Duramax LM2 oil pump belt maintenance interval adjusted

Will this apply to LZ0 as well, I would assume so !

15 years / 200,000 miles

GM is listening, and when numerous people cried out it horrible fear of maintenance at 150,000 miles for a silly oil pump belt, they responded !

I've been digging for LZ0 info and have just recently started uncovering some info. This info was found in the 2023 Suburban/Tahoe Diesel Engine Supplement. The engine vin code for LM2 is "T" while the engine vin code for the LZ0 is "8". Along with this info I found the cooling system capacity was less in the 2023 LZ0 than it is in the 2022 LM2 for the Trucks.

200,000 Miles / 15 years

The internet has been grasping at straws to find major shortcomings of the 3.0 Duramax Diesel Engine and by far the leader was a complaint about a belt driving the engine oil pump that required maintenance. Rest easy keyboard warriors, it's now 200,000 miles / 15 years for the 2023 model year !

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