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LZ0 engine vin code will be "8"

Searching for the slightest amount of information

LZ0 is the successor to the LM2

We still don't have any official word on the new LZ0 engine coming out, but some info is trickling out if you know where to look, and I don't, but I did stumble across something. Using my resources, I have found a 2023 Tahoe owners manual / diesel supplement in which it calls out the Vin code for the LM2 as well as the LZ0. LM2 = T and LZ0 = 8

Let's see what else we can find...

The cooling system capacities have changed from LM2 to LZ0. The outgoing LM2 in the Pickup had a 20.5 qt capacity but with the LZ0 the capacity has been reduced to 19.4 qt capacity. The LM2 in the SUV's remains 21.9 qts for 2022 and 2023 model years.

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